NFC juices

Aronia juice, sok z aronii

In recent years, doctor and dietetics popularize the slogan to eat at least five portions of fruit or vegetables a day. All these actions are aimed to form correct dietary habits for children and adults ant to encourage to a responsible dosage of consumer meals. Considering seasonality of fruits and vegetables and their different longevity during storage, it is worthy to enrich diet in juices, which overcome by quality and nutritional virtue traditional fruit juices.

Why NFC juices?

In juice production, especially fruit juices, the technology has met new challenges.   The general trend is to decrease the massive production of fruit juice concentrate, which is convenient for the producer, instead of more expensive and more advanced technology of producing NFC juices. Contrary to clear juices, they are not clarified and filtered. Thanks to that, they preserve a great number of polymerized substances coming from raw material, rich in biologically active substances. This makes the products more nutritients and with much more of pro-health properties. NFC juices (not from concentrate) are produced only from juices without water additives, sweeteners or preservatives.

The most valuable flavors.

NFC juices can be made out different valuable sources, such as apples, which we produce on a big scale, but also aronia, strawberries, pears, cherries, currants, raspberries and for example rich in vitamin C – rosehips. Encountered fruits are distinguished by numbers of pro-health properties, which bioactive ingredients such as: pectins, phenolic compounds, carotenoids, mineral compounds. The possibility to mix flavors before bottling provides a possibility to produce juices, which thanks to their unique properties and ingredients, can be especially recommended for specific age groups.

Pro-health properties.

Pro-health properties of NFC juices are certified by many studies conducted in the whole world. For example, the valuable ingredient of fruit juices are poliphenolic compounds, among them: anthocyans, 1.procyanidins, flavonols and phenolic acids. Those are the substances claimed to be strong antioxidants. It is proved, that as the antioxidants and blockers of free radicals, they preserve our bodies from oxidant stress, consequently successfully decrease the risk of heart attack and established ischemic heart disease. Those substances work synergistically to protect from diseases related to contemporary civilization, they slow down the processes of aging and they are valuable for immune system.

You can afford it.

The NFC juices are offered in bigger boxes, 3 or 5 liters, so called Bag-in-Box. It allows the producers to sell it in very competitive prices, comparing to clarified juices. The NFC juices can be watered down, thanks to their intensive flavor. It is highly recommended for children. Moreover, the Bag-in-Box packaging has a special bag, which foreclose the air to get into the juice. Thanks to that, we can store the juice at room temperature even for 30 days after opening.


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