Aronia comes from North America. Aronia fruits were already valued by Native Americans, which assigned it beneficial health effects. Contemporary science has proved those guesses. As the effect of performed tests and researches aronia has been counted among so called superfruits. This name is reserved for fruits rich in nutritients and showing extraordinary anti-oxidants concentration, enhancing body defense forces. Anti-oxidants prevent the cells from free radicals, which can lead to cancer cells growth and development. Besides anti-oxidant properties, aronia contains a lot of vitamin B2, B6, C, E, P, PP and minerals. The fruit also contains chlorogenic acid, rutine and quercetin. As for the moment, Poland is one of the biggest aronia producers in the world. Thanks to that, we can enjoy the richness of these marvelous fruits without importing them from distant countries, which safes so called foodmiles and to preserve all of its nutritients properties.


It prevents from FREE RADICALS. Anti-oxidant activity of Black aronia helps among other things in prevention of creating free radicals. Moreover bioactive ingredients of aronia can „catch” overproduced free radicals to create less active particles and speed up the processes of making the radicals neutral. The use of anthocyanins from Black aronia for men with high cholesterol level in blood plasma causes the decrease of concentration of aluminum, lead and copper. Those elements have great impact on creating free radicals. In addition anthocyanins increase zinc concentration, which protects well against lead toxicity. In vitro studies have proved that, proanthocyanins have much stronger anti-oxidant properties than vitamin E, α-tokoferol, ascorbic acid or beta-carotene.

Prevents and helps in the treatment of CARDIO-VASCULAR DESEASES. Cardio-vascular diseases are currently the most common death cause for men. Aronia can eliminate a few risk factors affecting cardio-vascular diseases. In vitro research proves that phenolic compounds contribute to protection and renovation of cells. Anthocyanins present in aronia fruits have blood vessels saving effect, moreover they ensure elasticity and right flow for capillaries. Naruszewicz’s in vitro research (2007) has proved, that aronia extracts suppress the conglomeration of the platelets. Anthocyanins can reduce blood pressure. Moreover they decrease LDL level.

Prevents and helps in DIABETES treatment Another studies have been conducted, which have shown that anthocyanins contained in aronia can be a factor of preventing and controlling diabetes type II and all its consequences. By the Semenov’s research ( treating patients with non insulin-dependent diabetes with 200 ml of aronia juice for 3 months, have lowered their glucose level examined on an empty stomach. Moreover aronia juice is proved to have a positive impact on hemoglobin, cholesterol and lipids level. Those conclusions are consentaneous with other reports concerning the influence of food rich in proanthocyanidin on diabetes.

Prevents from OBESITY Anthocyanins of aronia can also be efficient in obesity and metabolic syndrome prevention. Metabolic syndrome is regarded as the 21st century epidemic, it is connected with a double risk of heart attack and a five times higher risk of diabetes. Qin’s and Anderson’s researches conducted on rats have shown, that high fructose diet enriched with aronia extract can decrease blood sugar and LDL level. Decrease of blood sugar level within people drinking aronia juice has been proved also by other studies. The most meaningful effects concerns a 60 years old. Those results prove, that aronia juice can efficiently reduce sugar absorption and as a result prevent from obesity.

Aronia (lat. Aronia Medik) is counted among so called superfruits.

An extraordinary anti-oxidants concentration helps to protect our bodies from numbers of illnesses.

It is also rich in vitamins B2, B6, C, E, P, PP and minerals.

Aronia juice, sok z aronii

To make 1 l of Aronia Medik juice we use 1,5 kg of aronia.


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