About us


Our company has been opened in 1998. At this moment our first aronia plantation was set. Fascinated by the healthy properties of this fruit we decided to start a process of getting an environmental certificate. Our aim was to create a plantation equaling with European standards. At first, in our offer we had only fresh, raw fruit. Our desire to reach an exclusive client and to promote this special fruit was the reason to develop the Line of aronia products. In a short period of time, the 100% aronia juice has become our key product. With time we have broaden our offer with preserves, jams, dried aronia and aronia in chocolate. Our secret to high quality products is rigorous aronia specialization. Unique process of production, powered by numbers of research, has allowed us to preserve the maximum of aronia’s alimentary and healthy virtue. Each day we develop new products, so the Aronia Medik products could reach the broadest circle of clients. Company assignment: To pro-health in its purest form.


ul. Serbska 4/7, 61-696 Poznań, Poland

Bartłomiej Złotnicki
phone. +48 607 185 288