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Aronia & sport

Here’s the interview with Aronia Medik customer who turns out to be the.. SPORTSMAN! Piotr Łabiński – We are full of respect. Is there anyone else who wants to surprise us?


A.M.: How did you start your adventure with cycling?

P.Ł.: First of all I’ve tried running, then I saw that cycling is also a good alternative for me. I treat it like an ideal endurance training.


A.M.: How often do you train? Do you follow any kind of diet?

P.Ł.: I ride bicycle 2 times a week for 2 hours. My diet is rich in fruits and vegetables. I also use organic aronia juice, which I add to the isotonic drinks, which I make for my own. I drink it during my training in order to stabilize the level of water and electrolytes released from the body with sweat, but also to complete the vitamins and mineral salts burned during physical exertion. What is more I eat regularly and try to use only unprocessed foods.


A.M.: Do you share your passion with anyone? Do you think its easier to train with the other person by your side, motivating each other?

P.Ł.: Yes, it is definitely so much easier to train with the other person, who supports and motivates us, but… there is not many people willing to take part in such an exhausting workouts. Luckily, I met loads of fans on my way.


A.M.: Last weekend you’ve tried yourself on the distance of 267km. What do you feel, what do you think about at such moments?

P.Ł.: Your power, strength is immeasurable. This is my sport success. I always think about something pleasant and looking forward for the finish line.


A.M.: Do you have any moments of weakness, breakdown, when you feel like you don’t want to get on the bicycle ever again?

P.Ł.: No, I haven’t experienced any of that, but when the pain comes I try different sports for example running.


A.M.: Do you have any advice for the people who would like to start their cycling adventure?

P.Ł.: For sure start with the small distance, but try to do it regularly. Then increase the distance with every week and overcome your weaknesses.


A.M.: Wish you continued success.

P.Ł.: No, thanks, I don’t want to jinx.

Aronia improves the efficiency of the cardiovascular system,
thereby the whole body.

Bioflavonoid and rutine contained in aronia ensure good condition for blood vessels. The extract of this fruit can effectively regulate blood overpressure, it prevents from the cholesterol buildup in arteries walls and it prevents from heart diseases. This speeds up metabolism and enhances fat economy.

It has a positive impact on tendons and their regeneration.

Aronia’s active substances is rejuvenating and regenerating in many ways. The antioxidants play the biggest role. They can disable even the most aggressive free radicals (hydroxyl, superoxide, nitrite), which damage the collagen, the protein of connective tissue, which is responsible for skin and tendons elasticity.

It contains a lot of vitamins and microelements, so it can be used as an ingredient in isotonic drinks production.

Isotonic drink with an additive of aronia juice will help you stabilize the level of water and electrolytes released from the body with sweat, but also complete the vitamins and mineral salts burned during physical exertion. In distinction from energizers, aronia juice does not contain sugar.

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