ARONIA MEDIK products are made of fruits from only organic plantation. We use the most sensitive available pasteurization of our
juices in order to maintain therapeutic properties. Discover the best flavor, take care of your health and your family.

Who recommends aronia



Daria (65) has been struggling with hypertension for a few years. Taking medicine did not show any improvement, so the doctor recommended a diet enriched with aronia juice.


„I feel so much better. I get up full of energy, more peaceful, getting enough of sleep. Palpitation and dizziness are finally over. I can already say that diet change is saving my life. I have checked my blood pressure before and half an hour after drinking aronia juice and it is significantly lower. I am positively surprised. When the medication has failed I thought, that nothing can help me.”


– Daria says

“In Germany I have found out about beneficial effects of aronia, so I started to look for it in Poland. I came cross Aronia Medik and I am very pleased with the effects. My blood pressure is lower. LDL level has decreased by 30%, and HDL level has grown by 5%.”
Józef from Kędzierzyn Koźle
“I drink aronia juice regularly for blood circulation enhancement and blood pressure lowering. It can surely help in prevention of infections and fever.”
Jan from Cracow
„I use aronia juice to reduce my blood pressure and for blood circulation enhancement. I am very satisfied and order the juice on regular basis.”
Małgorzata from Jaworzno

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